Barbiecue – A female approach to grilling


How come grilling is still a man’s domain? Is it the smoke and dirt? Is it the cleaning part after? Is it the limited way of food preparation? Or is it simply the bulky and masculine design? After analyzing the main factors of a traditional barbecue that prevent women from enjoying grilling, my colleague and I set out to design a barbecue that would match the the female needs:

  • appealing aesthetic
  • diverse food preparation including the steaming of vegetables for conscious cooks and grilling with traditional charcoal
  • easy to clean

Barbiecue A female approach to grillingBar

We gave it a curvy shape integrating wood, glass and metal. The left side of the grill is dedicated to the food preparation, like chopping vegetables. On the right side on the other hand is the grilling tools can be placed. Under both areas are two shelves to put plates, tools or food.

Barbiecue A female approach to grilling

The barbiecue is inseparable from the grilling tools. They are made in a way that fit through the gap of the metal wall. The idea is to have several grilling boxes which can be organized according to the temperature needed for the specific food.Lifting the lid would cause a loss in temperature and the smoke and heat would be uncomfortable. So to see if the food is ready you can simply look through the glass window of the lid and turn the grilling boxes from outside. The grilling boxes after the barbecue can be washed in the dishwasher and make cleaning even easier. The rest can be cleaned outside with a gardening hose.



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