Piegami – Origami Inspired Container

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Piegami Origami Inspired ContainerThis project is a about an origami inspired container for an assignment which focused originally on waste. The highly flexible origami tessellations were a starting point to design a bin that adapts to the weight and volume of the waste. At the same time I wanted to design a bin that functions as an eye catcher in your home. A modern bin you don’t want to hide, but display.

The production costs and energy waste is held minimal since it consists of a single polypropylene sheet that is laser engraved. The packaging is designed in a way that consumes very little space thereby reducing transport costs. Labor costs are also taken into account since the user is invited to assemble the bin themselves.

packaging piegami

Piegami Origami Inspired Container

This and the Origami folding technique inspired the name of the product: „PIEGAMI“ (in italian meaning „Fold me“). The user decides how to use the container, for paper waste, laundry or even as vase.

PIegami Origami Inspired Container Piegami Origami Inspired Container


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